Musings of the Living

A podcast containing a wide variety of subject matter. It usually consists of creative writing, creative songwriting (more on the experimental, instrumental side), discussions on great bands, comedic relief and other odd bits and pieces that are mused upon by the ones who live.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Minute to Magnanimous

This edition is the celebration of the one year anniversary of the lifespan of Musings of the Living. It looks at how much this podcast has grown. We also focus on things that are small with big effects or expand to a lager size than was originally expected. Some examples of this are a story, a high school band making it big and interviews with people that live in a small town with big, beauteous surroundings and have had big adventures. Perhaps one of the great highlights of this anniversary commemoration is the return of an old friend.

Minute to Magnanimous


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