Musings of the Living

A podcast containing a wide variety of subject matter. It usually consists of creative writing, creative songwriting (more on the experimental, instrumental side), discussions on great bands, comedic relief and other odd bits and pieces that are mused upon by the ones who live.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Heroes on the Radio

Heroes on the Radio focuses on the quirkiness of an everyday life in which everyone can and is a hero in some odd way. We open up with a quirky song that uses everyday sounds to establish a beat. Going back to the idea of responses a quick dialogue on the song follows. A new serial story begins after this, read by Erik this time. Then we've got a one time interview with a local cat-saving hero: Jo-bob.

We sequel that with a new section to the podcast that will hopefully give you an idea of the kind of movies and books we read and watch as well as introduce you to some new films and novels. We've taken a small break from the musical discussions as we need to find another band/artist that both of us know enough about to sustain a conversation. Then Joel stars on the guitar doing a duet on his own to ease out of the realm of the living's musings.

Heroes on the Radio


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