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A podcast containing a wide variety of subject matter. It usually consists of creative writing, creative songwriting (more on the experimental, instrumental side), discussions on great bands, comedic relief and other odd bits and pieces that are mused upon by the ones who live.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Distopian Irony

This edition is focused on the dismal side of life to an extreme that is unbelievable by many. The reason we say this is that we include a song with "harsh beats", which unfortunately we didn't include a discussion for as we're taking a break from that. We may return to it, but for now we're seeing what we can do with the extra time. We include an adventure in the forest by one of our reporters, as well as the long-awaited final part of Bluedon's Tree. Following that is what it means for Erik to be a poet.

A very, very intriguing interlude then precedes that which is Erik's debut on guitar and Joel supporting him with some chords. We then feature a discussion on the intriguingly aloof band, Gorillaz. A slightly darker outro ends it.

Distopian Irony


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